Why It Never Hurts To Ask

I believe I’ve mentioned before that I’m a music student. One of the implications of this is that my major does not require me to take enough upper-division (300 and 400 level) classes to satisfy the university’s requirements. Right now, one of the classes I’m taking is Counterpoint, which is not required for my major, but looked interesting. Fortunately, it turned out that it actually was interesting, and since it’s a two-semester course, I was looking forward to taking it again in the spring.When I registered for classes a few weeks ago, I discovered that one of the classes I need for my Business minor had been changed from a Tuesday/Thursday class to Monday/Wednesday. However, they didn’t change the time of the class to reflect that the rest of the school starts classes at 9am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, instead keeping the class time from 8am to 9:15. Of course, this means that I can’t take the next semester of Counterpoint because – you guessed it – that class starts at 9 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I could write another post about why I think that’s a very stupid decision on the part of the Business department, but I won’t bore you with that right now.

I grabbed another class while I still had the chance so that I would get the right number of credits, figuring that I just wouldn’t be able to take the one I wanted. I was talking about it a few days ago though, and was encouraged to talk to the professor and ask her if I could register for both in spite of the overlap, and be late for Counterpoint two days a week. After all, the worst she can say is “No”.

I talked to her earlier this week, and expressed to her that I really enjoy the class and want to continue in it next semester, and explained what had happened. Keep in mind that this is not a class that I need for my major, since I’m not studying Composition. I am doing really well in it, despite it not necessarily being my area of expertise, and the professor knows that.

She told me that she’d love to have me be in the class, and agreed to let me put a conflicting class on my schedule. She said that she’s not really concerned about me being late (probably because I’m already late all the time since I can’t get out of bed in the morning) and that even if I did miss something crucial, her re-do policy allows me to make that up.

Now I just have to talk to an advisor to get the class added to my schedule, and I won’t have to miss out on 18th-century counterpoint after all. We’re going to be studying Bach. My violinist friend will be jealous.


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  1. tabletlawstudent Says:

    Great work. Definately a good idea to just ask, especially when you already know you can handle the worst possible outcome (the answer NO).

    You also showed a benefit of getting to know your professors. It always seemed like a good idea to get to know them, even if just a little, so they could know your face when they see your name in the grade book. Hopefully they would know in a good way, and not as “that person” in the class :). If you had just been under the radar, showing up to class and just getting your work turned in without building a relationship, the professor may not have granted your request.

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