Senioritis Has Hit…

…and hit hard.

This happened to me when I was in my last year of high school too. The apathy is the worst part. I just don’t want to do anything. I’m missing assignments in one of my classes, and I’m really not very concerned about that. Unfortunately, I really do have to do my homework because the semester’s not over yet. And when it does end, I have another one. I’m within firing range though! I can see the light of graduation at the end of the long, dark, tunnel of the Music Building, where the room numbers have no order and instruments can be heard at all hours of the day.

After much consideration, I have decided not to pursue the internship in Phoenix that I applied for. I canceled the second interview and want to stay in town and finish my degree. This is partly due to a desire to spend my last semester taking classes with my friends, and the great schedule that I have set up for next semester, but mostly due to my desire to be done with school. No more putting off graduation, I’m almost done. Then I can get a real job and work on paying my own rent. Or I can start working on my goal to marry a doctor, since I’ll never make any money with a music degree.

I’m looking into a couple of different options for teaching after I graduate. I’ve started the application process to join the Teach For America corps, and teach in low-income, rural, and other academically-struggling areas. I’m toying with the idea of working at one of the private schools in town. I can’t teach at a public school, since I don’t have teacher certification yet, but I can teach at a private school as long as I’m working on getting certified.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to get sick again. I have a comparatively mild version of that nasty cold that floats around the music department this time of year. I’m just glad I’m not a vocal major. (They’re the ones that hang around the music building wearing scarves as soon as the temperature drops below “unbearably hot”, because they have to keep their voices warm. They’re also the ones that run away screaming every time someone mentions “head cold”, “cough”, or especially “strep throat”.)

Speaking of the temperature, it’s still really hot in Tucson. There have been days here and there that have been absolutely beautiful, but the temperature keeps climbing back up. The high today was 90°. We are now in the last week of October, and the temperature is still this high? Maybe this means winter will last longer this year. Not likely, but hey, a girl can dream.

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