Senior Year Landslide

I’m slowly being crushed to death under the load of Senior Year of College.Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I have been ridiculously busy. Also, if I was under a real landslide, it wouldn’t take a whole semester to finish killing me. It would be very quick.

Tomorrow my application for the legislative internship is due. I’m ready to turn it in, which is a lot better than I normally do for these sorts of things. Actually, it really only took two Saturday afternoons to complete the application, and that turned out to be the only free time I’ve had.

This week I had my first exam of the semester. It was the first of two midterms in my Music History class, and I think I did reasonably well on it, considering. I learned some things while trying to study for this exam. First, I really don’t study well with other people around me. Or when the TV is on, for that matter. Tuesday night was a new episode of House, though, so I specifically scheduled an hour to watch TV. The mistake lay in not turning the TV off after the episode was over. I got more studying done the next morning in my first class than I did the whole night before. I also learned that writing stuff down isn’t enough for me to be able to process it. I wrote down the titles and descriptions of a whole bunch of songs, and promptly forgot them all.

So, what will I change for the next exam? I won’t study at my friend’s house. Actually, I’ll probably study in a lounge on campus, where I don’t know anyone and don’t have a television. (If House is on, I’ll wait ’til after it’s over, then go study on campus.) I’ll make flash cards, or at the very least, I’ll pay attention to what I’m writing down, and maybe even copy it more than once.

The second exam is usually easier than the first on principle, though. I’ll be ready for the essay questions and the listening section, when the professor plays songs and we have to identify which one it is. The other advantage the next exam will present is that the material won’t be ancient music. We should be into more familiar music and concepts. All the music won’t necessarily sound the same because it won’t all be Gregorian chant. (Admittedly, a lot of Mozart’s work can sound the same, and Beethoven’s work can sound the same, but at least they are very different from each other.)

What’s on for next week? One big thing will be my first interview for the internship. That will be sometime on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. I’ll schedule a specific time when I turn in the application tomorrow. I have to decide on a topic for my project in my ethnomusicology class, and I have a couple of important quizzes to study for. One is a listening quiz for that same Music History class. That will require some studying.

Studying is good for me.

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