Crazy Week

Wow. This week has been pretty ridiculous. I have eight textbooks, one to be returned when the other one comes in from the online order, and two others on the way. I would bet that I’ve spent $400 on textbooks this semester.

I’m already behind on my reading assignments. In my defense, there was some confusion about the textbooks for one of my classes, so I didn’t get them until after the class period I was supposed to have read the assignment for. I’ll be working today and this weekend to get caught up, and am planning to be back on schedule next week. I am planning to have three reading assignments due every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and one due every Tuesday and Thursday. I couldn’t have picked a more difficult semester to decide to stay on top of things. This will also be the one where I’ll need that the most.

I’ve got all my assignments written into my planner, so I have one place to keep everything. I have a binder set up to keep all my notes and returned work in one place. Logistically, I’m ready for the semester to start. In reality, it started four days ago, and I wasn’t ready then. I’ve also decided to take notes using the Cornell method, which is a lot more useful than my usual trying-to-outline. Outlining is a lot easier out of a book, when you can see what’s coming next.

I had a nice talk with my Spanish teacher today, and he told me not to worry about the fact that I haven’t taken Spanish in 5 years, and he’ll help me with anything I’ve forgotten. We won’t have homework assignments in that class, other than reading. We will have three exams and an oral presentation. I’ve already come up with four or five ideas for this presentation, and I’ll have to see which one makes the most sense. I wonder if I can get someone to come in and dance for the class.

I drove back to campus to go to my business course and found out that for the first time in my three years at the university, enough students have decided to come to class that the parking garage was full. I’m not kidding – this never happens. Well, I’m not paying $500 for a parking permit I’m only going to use two hours a week, so I don’t have one. The end result of the parking fiasco on campus is that I’m sitting in my room, typing a blog post, when I’m supposed to be listening to a very boring professor talk about business. I read the chapter in the book this morning, and it was horrible. They made a really big deal out of the discovery that customers are important to a business.

If this needs to be spelled out to the students in business school, then we have a problem.

It’s a class on management. I have a sneaking suspicion that I learned more about management by working for managers (both good and bad) than I’m going to learn all semester. But it’s the only way I’m going to graduate, because it’s too late to change my minor again. I suppose I’ll probably learn some new, fancy terminology for concepts that I’ve already picked up. That is, if I can find a place to park.

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